RTA of New Orleans Failed the Public in Transit


                                             RTA TREATMENT ON DRIVERS

Regional Authority Transit of New Orleans better know as the "RTA" did not honor the agreement for hurricane IDA with ATU Local 1560 Drivers.

After demanding the RTA stand by its written agreement for hurricane pay for bus operators who helped transport people during hurricane Ida, Jefferson, who has worked for the RTA and its predecessors for 28 years, and one other RTA employee were terminated for speaking out.

“This attack is on the Union, not me,” said Jefferson. “This agreement with hurricane pay was a fair deal, but they don’t want to pay them now. They were down drivers. Half left the city. Others were dealing with damage to their homes. The operators who came sacrificed to do so.”

As hurricane Ida made landfall, battering the Gulf Coast, leaving in its deadly path the destruction of neighborhoods and hundreds of thousands of people without power, RTA drivers stepped up to help evacuate as many people as possible, even providing relief for senior residents who needed to get out of the heat of the blacked-out region by using buses as cooling stations.

At first, not enough drivers were available to help. Jefferson and the Local took action, getting the word out and recruiting as many operators as possible to work the exhausting twelve-hour days with no days off. Despite having to sacrifice their own well-being, operators put on a heroic effort to try and save lives.

“This is wrong,” said ATU International President John Costa. “You can’t fire someone without due process for speaking up at work. Especially when all they’re trying to do is ensure workers are paid for putting their lives on the line. We won’t stand for it.”

The Union is also calling for the resignation of CEO Alex Wiggins for his documented history of retaliation. After an investigation, in his prior role with LA Metro, Wiggins was found to have engaged in abusive and retaliatory behavior.

Please Click on the link to know the truth about the treatment of Drivers at the RTA of New Orleans.

WorkWeek On  9-22-21 New Orleans ATU 1560  President Valerie Jefferson Fights Firing & For Justice

WorkWeek interviews New Orleans ATU 1560 president Valerie Jefferson who was fired after standing up for her members during the hurricanes and dangerous conditions for the members.
She and other workers and supporters talk about the conditions that ATU 1560 members face and the conditions of the working class.
This interview was done on 9/22/21

Please click on the link below to hear the interview:


New Orleans Regional Transit Authority "RTA" has not reinstated Valerie Jefferson as of today, January 6, 2022

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Everyone Please check with Darren Crawford 504-495-2094 or check ALL your check stubs to confirm your monthly union dues been paid up and you have not missed a month. If you are terminated, out sick or workers comp. for more than a month. You need to contact Darren. 

All members must be in good standing in order to attend meetings, receive union benefits from ATU International / Local 1560 and vote in union elections. 

Please check your pay check stub to verify your union dues has been paid, check every month for 2 years or for the time you joined the union.

To Challenge the Local Union Election:


 14.8 Challenges. Any member who is entitled to vote may challenge the conduct or results of an election by filing, within ten (10) days of the counting of the ballots, a challenge to the incumbent ST of his or her LU to such effect. The ST shall submit the challenge for decision to the executive board, subject to final ruling by the membership. 
Membership agreed to another election in December 2021 membership meeting.
There will be another election for Executive Board (all positions) February 2022.
If any member have any question please contact:
Darren Crawford 504-495-2094
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