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 Via Emailed December 29, 2021

TO: RTA from ATU Local 1560

Mr. Alex Wiggins, CEO RTA

2817 Canal St., New Orleans, LA

 Dear Mr. Wiggins,

The ATU Local 1560 is requesting New Orleans RTA to improve the PPE and Safety for Operators and Riders.

The Corona virus (Delta and Omicron) is spiking in New Orleans, and we (Operators and riders) are more vulnerable than administration. Although everyone is in danger, the Union is asking for extra protection because the Operators are Frontline employees.

ATU Local 1560 is requesting the following:

N95 or KN95 mask every day for each Operator

Small sanitizer refillable bottles

Sanitizer Refill Stations around the facilities so employees can refill their small sanitizer bottles

Vehicles sanitized every 2 hours while in service and detail sanitize (foggers) upon returning to the station daily 

Facilities sanitized everyday

Pandemic sick pay

Pandemic lost time pay

 Thank you for your cooperation in this serious matter.

 Gregory Gable, Finance Recording & Treasury Secretary

ATU Local 1560, 504-373-9176

New Orleans Regional Transit "RTA" Response December 29, 2021

Thanks, Greg 

Please forgive my delay as I am out of the office. You can absolutely be assured that we will do everything we can to create the safest possible work environment for all RTA employees.
At present we are paying staff overtime to maintain our deep cleaning schedule (using electrostatic spraying); we are providing cloth masks currently- but will issue N95‘s to all front-line staff as frequently as the supply chain permits. 
We will ensure every employee is fully paid if they contract covid - without deducting time from their sick bank; we will also ensure everyone is fully paid if they are required to quarantine- consistent with the latest CDC guidance - again without deducting time from their sick bank. 
Also, please note that I will be meeting with ATU leadership to discuss further options. 
As difficult as it is to face yet another round of covid, you have my word that we will approach employee safety in the same manner we have since the onset of the pandemic. 

Alex Z. Wiggins 
Chief Executive Officer 
New Orleans Regional Transit Authority