ATU Local 1560 Members "DRIVERS" Request For Training from RTA


ATU IS standing together for better, working conditions, benefit, wages, pension, security, safety and service 


           ATU LOCAL 1560 AND RTA OF NEW ORLEANS have started our contract negotiation: 

Joint Statement Week 1 - ATU & RTA 

Both parties have committed to Interest-Based Bargaining (IBB) facilitated by the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS) and have established Ground Rules to govern the proceedings. 

Negotiations began April 27, 2021, 1:00pm and continued April 28th and 29th meeting for 4 hours each day. The group has recessed and will reconvene May 10th for continued discussions

The Bargaining Team (Krewe) is comprised of Mark Major (Deputy CEO), Robin Cooley (ATU Local 1560 IT/Fixed Route Operator), Curtis Howard (ATU International Vice President), Thomas Stringer (Deputy CEO), Valerie Jefferson (ATU Local 1560 President & BA/Fixed Route Operator), Pamela Peck Henderson (ATU Local 1560 Shop Steward/Rail Operator), Detrich D. Hebert Johnson (Deputy Chief HR), Sheila Early (ATU Local 1560 Member/Transit Information Operator), Gizelle Johnson Banks (CFO), Greg Gable (ATU Local 1560 Financial & Recording Secretary/Fixed Route Operator), Darwyn Anderson (CHRO), Jonica Brown (ATU Local 1560 Organization Leader/Fixed Route Operator), Billie Johnson (Director of Mobility), Willie Manchester (ATU Local 1560 Shop Steward/ Lift Operator) and Brenda Moore (ATU International)

The group has successfully discussed Articles to be opened and those with possible tentative agreements (TAS). 

In the initial day of article review, there was in depth discussion on the definition of emergency. This was done to determine how we would address concerns surrounding the declaration of emergencies in the future

The Krewe is looking forward to continued productive work together

The Krewe will have subcommittees working in between sessions to maintain continuous work towards finalization

"What Is Interest-Based Bargaining (IBB)? 

IBB is a collaborative approach to resolving labor and management disputes. Through the process, parties proactively identify durable solutions to outcomes at the bargaining table. Agreements are based on mutual and individual interests rather than positions. This approach emphasizes problem solving and enables mutual gain outcomes.” 

Please contact: Greg 504-373-9176, Jonica 504-610-3126, Deidre 504-322-9892 for more information" alt=" Mayor LaToya Cantrell" width="488" height="452" />


In a major step toward returning to pre-pandemic life, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention eased mask-wearing guidance for fully vaccinated people on Thursday,">" target="_blank">allowing them to stop wearing masks outdoors in crowds and in most indoor settings.


Following the recent guidance, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell said New Orleans will lift it's mask mandate only for people who are fully vaccinated.

The CDC classifies "fully vaccinated" as 2 weeks past the second shot.

Cantrell said the mask mandate remains in place for city government buildings, K-12 schools, healthcare facilities, and public transportation.

Capacity limits of 250 indoors and 500 outdoors will also remain in place until further notice.

Gov. John Bel Edwards dropped the statewide mask mandate a few weeks ago, leaving the decision to continue a masking ordinance to the parish level.

New Orleans currently has a percent positivity rate of 0.90 percent.

New Orleans reportedly has a vaccination rate of over 50% for eligible people, leading in Louisiana.

Vaccination events will continue to take place, one of which will take place at the New Orleans Lakefront.

Individuals can show up to receive the Pfizer vaccine and a burrito!

Perhaps the most exciting addition to this news? Dancing will now be allowed in New Orleans again for fully vaccinated individuals.

                                                 BE  SAFE       


Mayor Cantrell, public safety officials urge residents to prepare for hurricane season


Leaders with the City of New Orleans held a news conference Friday to urge residents to prepare now for hurricane season.

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell and the Director of Emergency Management Collin Arnold joined other public safety leaders to discuss preparations ahead of the season starting June 1." target="_blank" title="Sign up for our Newsletters">Sign up for our Newsletters

"We're encouraging residents to make preparations now," Cantrell said. "We need to take heed. We're not making this up. This is not a joke."

Cantrell said the city is prepared to open mass shelters should a storm prompt evacuations. These spots would maintain social distancing, the mayor said, adding that those who assist at the shelters will wear masks. But she demanded residents take other precautions into their own hands.

"The first step toward preparation is being vaccinated," Cantrell said.

City officials are also taking precautions with its drainage system. As of Friday morning, 97 of New Orleans' 99 pumps are working. The city's Sewerage and Water Board hopes to have all its pumps back up by June 15.

"It's a fragile system," city infrastructure chief Ramsey Green said. "But assuming things look good, we're going to be in a very stable position."




DO NOT GET TOOOOO RELAX">Louisiana Coronavirus COVID-19 | Department of Health | State of Louisiana (

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Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses, some causing illness in people and others that circulate among animals, including camels, cats and bats. Rarely, animal coronaviruses can evolve and infect people and then spread between people such as has been seen with re